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As a traveller for adventure you'll participate in all kinds of interesting and varied activities and enjoy all manner of unusual experiences. Working a little along the way makes it all possible.


Caribbean carnival time.If you want to live, work and travel overseas you can either try and do it all on your own or you can join this Club and have access to everything that we have shown you on this website.

We are a grass-roots Club working out of our own spectacular locations from Canada to Patagonia and in-between - places where there is always a welcome for members.

We would love to be able to offer free membership (we are not a money-making 'business'), but we have costs and bills to pay like everyone else, and sites to maintain for members, so we have to cover these costs. However, our membership fee is as low as it could possibly be and the benefits of membership are great.

We were formed many years ago (1964 in Canada) to help members - you - work and travel and enjoy adventures overseas by providing access to a wide range of opportunities, together with personal help throughout your travels. This is what we do - better than anyone else and we've seen all kinds of organisations come and go over the years, but we're still around after more than 40-years - most of them are not!.  

Some members go overseas to earn as much money as they can - and there are lots of opportunities to make good money - while others prefer a more leisurely way of life while still making enough to live well and travel a lot. On this site we have given excerpts from the stories of a few of our members - so that you can see the sort of thing you can do - there are dozens more on our members' website.

Working at Oktoberfest.OKTOBERFEST:

Oktoberfest is the world's biggest beer-drinking folk festival. Every year around 7 million visitors to Munich will consume some 6 million litres of beer.

Oktoberfest jobs are plentiful paying good money - and not just in Germany. There are now so many different festivals and events around the world, throughout the year, that some members travel from one to another enjoying an interesting lifestyle!

Remember, however, that it can be hard work and with long hours for 16 straight days. Wies'n is the Bavarian word for Oktoberfest, although it literally means 'the meadow'.

Balloons near the Eiffel Tower.'Chasing' hot air balloons through France, Italy, Switzerland, Austria, Turkey and the Czech Republic. As ground crew you will help with take-offs and landings and work out how to be at the landings using maps and compass and information provided by radio from the pilot during flight. Lots of driving with these jobs, chasing the balloon in flight.

Summer job - hostess on a luxury barge..Waterways cruising Jobs for those interested in shipboard jobs close to land (!) aboard the comfort of large luxury 'hotel' barges cruising the many waterways of Holland, France and Belgium. You can be a hostess here, or chef or general crew yet still step ashore at night.

The best of both worlds for some, perhaps. Lots of interesting opportunities to work at sea all over the world and to Work a Passage as a cheap means to travel.


Our membership fee is just US$35 (US Dollars) or 25 (British pounds, approx 30 Euros).

This covers you for up to 2-years of working and travelling. You'll not be asked for another penny and this is all you pay no matter how many trips/countries/jobs or how long you want to work and travel for within that period.

As soon as you join we'll provide you with access to our Members' Website with exciting opportunities around the world that we have sought out for members, from which we can help you can find exactly what you want almost anywhere in the world - and we've been able to fulfil some pretty strange requests over the years!.

You'll also be able to take advantage of opportunities at our own spectacular Club sites where you can come most times of the year, and all stays are FREE (all you will need is a sleeping bag).

You will have access to all this online as soon as you join, together with our 400+ page member's handbook which covers pretty much everything - visas, travel plans, accommodation, health/travel insurance, emergency cash, bank accounts, etc, together with a direct link to us 365-days a year from anywhere in the world.

At less than 5 cents (3 pence) a day, it doesn't make a lot of sense trying to make do without us and beats doing it all yourself!

To join the Work4Travel - Frontier Club simply click on one of the links below - it's easy.

The buttons below take you to secure ordering where you can pay by credit card in any major currency (we use PayPal to take payments for us but you don't need a PayPal account to join). Once payment is made a message will come up on your screen so that you can go directly to the members' website.

We can only accept memberships from people living in the countries listed below - as there are limited opportunities and possible visa complications for those living in other countries (click on the appropriate button).

 IF YOU LIVE IN: UNITED KINGDOM, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland.



Swimming in the Blue Lagoon, Fiji.Fiji's famous Blue Lagoon has been the setting for a number of movies (most notably with Brooke Shields).

Many cruise ships now visit the Blue Lagoon with both on-board and water sports jobs available. If you prefer to be shore based there are lots of interesting opportunities on some of the 320 islands working with local Fijians living in houses overlooking beautiful secluded coves. No experience necessary - even dive training is provided if required.



Below are some of the more common questions we are asked - others are covered on the various pages of this website.

Members on GreenTortoise in Yosemite.Types of work: There are so many different opportunities overseas that any list must be incomplete - but here are a few: Forestry, farm, ranch (working, guest & horse) ,teaching (incl. EFL), shop (every type), office, agency, hotel, resort, bar, restaurant, catering, sports, recreation, activity instructors, performers, entertainers, DJs, musicians, couriers, reps, conservation, wildlife, guides, rangers, wardens/caretakers, engineering, mining, factory, driving (all sorts), labouring, building and construction, plant operators, maintenance, mechanics, stores, security, computer technicians, accounts, administration, marketing/sales, nursing, medical, health/fitness/beauty, casino, film/photography, nannies, au-pair, mother's help, domestic and childcare, offshore crew, hostesses, sailing, ship/yacht crew, lifeguards, attendants, etc. There are many other opportunities that don't fit into any particular category.

The countries we cover: There are opportunities for members throughout the world - no country is excluded other than those that you wouldn't want to work in anyway. The main countries are: Australia - Austria - Bahamas - Belgium - Belize - Brazil - Bulgaria - Canada - Chile (incl. Patagonia) - China - Costa Rica - Cyprus - Czech/Slovak Republics - Denmark - Egypt - Finland - France - Germany - Gibraltar - Greece - Hungary - Iceland - India - Ireland - Israel - Italy - Japan - Luxembourg - Malta - Mexico - Netherlands - New Zealand - Norway - Peru - Poland - Portugal - Russian Federation - Spain - Sweden - Switzerland - Thailand - Tonga (& Fiji) - Turkey - United States - Venezuela. Because a country is not listed here it doesn't mean that there are not opportunities there.

OrientExpress sign.Travel Options: Travel costs are paid in full or subsidised by some employers depending on the job/location. If travel costs are not met by the employer there are other options. We can help you with these, and to reach your destination as cheaply as possible.

Passports and visas covered.Visas, work permits: For each country we'll advise on what visas and permits you may need - for the European Union, of course, it's easier than it ever was.

Skills/Qualifications: You do not need any special skills or qualifications to be a working traveller - many members have nothing other than a simple desire to work and travel the world. However, if you have something to offer such as a basic foreign language or experience working in a shop or office, this will always come in useful.

"How long can I go for?" This is really a matter of personal choice. Some members prefer to start with a short working holiday of just a few weeks - easily arranged almost anywhere in the world - while others go overseas for 3-6 months at a time, or longer. A number of members have settled permanently overseas.

Earn money overseas!Wages/Earnings: These naturally vary between countries, the type of work/job, etc. You can earn good money if you are prepared to work hard - and some members work overseas to save up a nice lump sum. But strange as it may seem, many of those going overseas are not attracted so much by the money as the way of life and the chance to travel. One of our members (John the trucker, who's comments are featured on this website) earned enough in one year to purchase a beach house in the Caribbean for cash.

Travel companions: While many members embark on their overseas jobs and travels on their own, others prefer the company of travelling companions. We can put you in touch with other members and, of course, friends and couples can always work and travel together - many do.

Special Benefits/Job Perks: Working overseas can be combined with many other benefits such as recreation/sports opportunities, great climate, social, cultural, or night life, or the ability to pursue a special interest - and members can take advantage of these generally for free or at very low cost.

PacificPrincess.Accommodation: Many jobs provide accommodation and often meals, particularly for staff at hotels, resorts and seasonal complexes, agricultural/forestry work, etc. There are usually other options when accommodation does not go directly with the job. On cruise ships, of course, all is found,

Tax: When you work overseas for a certain period of time (even if you make return visits home during this period) you can take advantage of low tax codes and foreign earnings deductions. Earnings in some countries are 100% tax free.

Ages: The minimum age for working overseas is 18-years and there is no upper limit, other than the ability to do the job and enjoy the play!

Best Time to Go: This makes little or no difference as there are opportunities throughout the world all year round.

Eurostar.Why a Club? A 'business' is there to make money. A Club assists each of its members and provide services at the lowest cost without profit, and in this way we can bring to you the many exciting opportunities that others cannot.

Membership Fee: We would like to offer membership for free, but let's be honest, we have bills to pay like everyone else and we have our sites to maintain where members can come for free. We can only keep our membership fee at such a low level by taking memberships online and saving on the high cost of producing and mailing brochures, etc. This also means that we can provide you with INSTANT membership and access. The saving in these costs we have passed on to you. The one-off membership fee is all you ever have to pay and covers you for up to 2-years of working and travelling in as many jobs/countries as you want. You'll not be asked for another penny. You'll not get better value or service anywhere else (come to our base and see walls 'papered' with letters of thanks from members).

If you are still unsure if the Work4Travel Club is for you, or have any doubts about working overseas, then, before you think of joining, come to one of our sites and meet us as well as other members - we can't say fairer than that.

On this site we have given excerpts from the stories of a few of our members - so that you can get an idea of the sort of thing that you could be doing - there are dozens more on our members' website from working holidays up to Around the World in 40-jobs, and all manner of jobs abroad.


The Club now has a main base in Costa Rica uniquely located to serve all our members wherever they are, though we also service our members from other locations depending on how best we can serve their needs. While the majority of our members are from the UK, USA, Canada, Europe, and Australasia, you could come across a fellow member anywhere from Timbuktu to Tuktoyaktuk, or up Mount Everest.

While you can have working adventures almost anywhere in the world, many members today are increasingly turning towards the tropics as an exciting, adventurous, and exotic destination, and Costa Rica is one of the most delightful and popular countries in which to spend time - situated at a convenient 'crossroads' for the working traveller. Why not include it on your Work & Travel program?

Sunset at our Costa Rica base.Being in such a wonderful location is made possible by the electronic age whereby members can contact us as easily as if we were next door - 365 days a year; the Club never closes.

Click here to go to our Costa Rica page

If you have any questions that are NOT answered on this website (most will be) then please send them using the link below. Due to the ease, low cost, speed and efficiency of e-mail, this is our preferred method of answering enquiries. This is our General Enquiry link for non-members - once you become a member you will have a direct link to our Member Services.

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