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As a traveller for adventure you'll participate in all kinds of interesting and varied activities and enjoy all manner of unusual experiences. Working a little along the way makes it all possible.


Whitewater rafting on the Snake River, Idaho. Why serve hamburgers in MacDonald's or push papers around an office when you could be crewing rafting expeditions through roaring canyons of whitewater or leading diving expeditions through spectacular coral reefs?

In choosing a location to work overseas you can decide on an area where you can take advantage of all the recreational and outdoor pursuits you enjoy and make your job an adventure. That's what it's all about.

You can crew whitewater rafting trips or snowmobile adventures, organise trail riding tours, hiking expeditions, hot-air balloon trips, be a ski touring guide or a host of other activities that are a lot more exciting than filling out tax returns - at least for most people!

If you're not into hands-on action jobs but still want the thrills of participating during your time off, then you can work in a job in a place where you can enjoy such pursuits in your leisure hours - usually for free or at very low cost; jobs in ski resorts provide free passes, working on a dude ranch gives access to free horse/trail riding, etc.


"I am living in tropical Queensland, working in a friendly seafront cafe on this sun-drenched coastline and spending my free time diving on the spectacular Great Barrier Reef helping a marine biologist with underwater surveys." Cath Ebbols

 Following are a few examples 


Spectacular kayak adventures near our base in Costa Rica.The river snakes its way through a spectacular blend of mountains, forests and deep canyons. Here, the air is alive with the scents of nature and the water is cold, clear and spring-clean. But it can be dangerous. It roars madly in great explosions of whitewater, rages over and around jagged boulders and suddenly rises with devastating fury ... in other words, a river made for rafting.

Whitewater rafting as a spring/summer 'fun' job - seasonal work - can provide lots of action. There is an intense thrill in running the rapids - the confrontation with a river on the rampage; the challenge and eventual conquest.

Whitewater rafting has increased tremendously in popularity so there are lots of opportunities to join the crew on the many River Running programs throughout the world from the very mild to the challenging. Many organisers prefer/willing to train their own leaders and crew.

Photo top: Members on the Snake River, Idaho.


Snowmobiling with the Club in the 1970's.Snowmobiling is as popular as skiing in many resorts throughout the world, some with hundreds of miles of specially groomed trails. A winter wonderland that is as fantastic as you can imagine. We know, because we've been involved in snowmobiling for over 40-years. (The picture on the left was taken at a Club site in the early 1970's).

"The ground is deeply carpeted with snow. Ahead and on both sides is a forest of dark evergreens. Before you, a set of tracks like those of a narrow gauge railway are imprinted in the snow, and they stretch out across the land to the trees in the distance where they are swallowed by the forest.

"The trail weaves, bobs, rises and falls. You are sitting on the snowmobile and then kneeling, sometimes standing. Your vehicle careens around turns, sweeps over banks, and rattles jarringly along rugged ground. It struggles up steep hills and hurtles down them at speeds that make you squint even behind snow goggles "

Whether on snowmobile, snowshoes, skis, toboggan, dog sled, winter can be a very enjoyable time of the year.  The Club also has miles of its own snowmobile/skiing trails high in the mountains of North and South America with some of the best powder snow conditions.


Scuba diving in Costa Rica.As a scuba diving instructor or dive aide you will need to obtain the necessary qualifications, but there are many opportunities to learn and get these at reduced cost when working overseas.

Scuba jobs are not only land based, but more and more cruise lines are developing this as part of their on-board package. What better job could there be than a scuba diving instructor on a cruise ship?

YOU CAN OBTAIN A FULL PADI OPEN WATER DIVE CERTIFICATION to dive anywhere in the world for around $175 on the Island of Roatan in the Caribbean - cheapest in the world.

"It is more mysterious, more awesome, and more thrilling than any jungle or mountain. The remote, silent world beneath the sea is inhabited by magnificent coloured fish and other sea creatures; sculptured with mountains, coves and spectacular coral reefs; dressed in forests of kelp, seaweed, and aquatic flowers. It offers an incredible panorama of natural life that is always changing, always revealing something new and interesting."


Surfing the Pacific from our base in Costa Rica.Point and beach breaks, lefts and rights, reefs and river mouths, warm water and waves, how about surfing as a way to make money?

If you want a life on the beach there are even opportunities renting out surf boards on spectacular beaches - there have to be worse jobs!

Surf Costa Rica.If you can't surf and want to learn, there are lots of opportunities to learn from experienced surfers.

 "When the wave you want comes in, you know it instinctively. You paddle like crazy towards the shore, but it catches you and suddenly it is propelling you. You sense the speed and tremendous power as you skim the surface of the wave, racing ahead of the coast and the foam. You can be on your belly, on your knees or standing up; whichever, it is absolutely spectacular. You are travelling at maybe 15 miles an hour, but it seems like 50 and you are king of the sea!"


Trekking in Costa Rica.The lure of a hike varies with each individual. For some it is the discovery of a secret, secluded place; a piece of the world that perhaps only a few other humans have ever seen. There are hikers for whom the trek itself is the thrill: the mountains to be climbed, the rivers to be forded, the wilderness to be traversed.

For others, the adventure is in living off the land, existing as part of nature, and enjoying the wildlife in remote regions, hunting only with eyes or camera. These places are desolate, unsullied and often unexplored; the most beautiful and most extraordinary areas of nature.

Hiking and trail riding are very popular pastimes throughout the world with opportunities, for those who are physically fit and love the outdoors, to lead and guide all kinds of treks and excursions, from the easy to the challenging.

Great job - piloting a microlight.


"As the first glint of life appeared out on the distant horizon, the wisps of cloud became alive with a crescendo of fiery colour. Having sailed past the southern tip of Cuba only hours before, I was at the wheel of the luxury yacht Hissar, guiding her through the calm indigo waters off the Bahamas. With one attentive eye on the digital controls on the mast before me, I stole a glance over my right arm to gaze with awe at the magical light display in the sky above, as another gorgeous day sprung to life.

Summer job sailing the Caribbean."Together with my mentor, Francis, we were on 'early watch' duty. While the other crew slept soundly in their bunks below, we were on deck in a world of our own. Blissfully immersed in our personal thoughts, miles from our homes across the Atlantic. Sadly, this was the last leg of our journey taking us from Antigua, north up to Miami.

"The evening before, we had feasted upon a 3-foot long barracuda fish, proudly caught by Francis. We relaxed, bloated, inside the sumptuous leather and mahogany lounge, entertained by the yacht's extensive video library. The warm trade winds filled our sails propelling us through the dark Caribbean Sea. Sleep came easily that peaceful night. That was back in April, and the end of a season working as a chef aboard some of the finest private yachts in the Caribbean.

"In the balmy tropical evenings ashore, it wasn't difficult to become enveloped by the contagious jovial festivities in the local waterside bars - all the crews loudly sharing a rum punch and a long tale with fellow sailors. Here I became friends with two English girls both escaping the blandness of their native home counties, and enjoying life to the full. Sue, the youngest, had travelled down to the south of France the previous summer and landed a well-paid job as a stewardess on the impressive sailing yacht Infinity moored a few yards away. She had remained on board throughout the Mediterranean season, then sailed with the crew across the Atlantic.

"Deborah, I discovered, was escaping the throes of an untidy divorce. Still in her mid-thirties, she had found work on a number of yachts as a cook, after sunning herself on the beaches of Majorca one summer ..."  Dean Tayer

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