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As a traveller for adventure you'll participate in all kinds of interesting and varied activities and enjoy all manner of unusual experiences. Working a little along the way makes it all possible.



Simply put - for people who want more in life than a daily routine on the treadmill in shop, office or factory, and who want to work and travel overseas enjoying an adventurous lifestyle. 

Seasonal work as road crew.Travelling, living and working in different countries rarely brings anything but great benefit. People have made their fortunes overseas, met their life partner, and found their true vocation.

With work Adventures YOU can:

  •  Visit interesting places, and stay there - live there;

  •  Enjoy different lifestyles - the real world behind the tourist façade;

  •  Meet interesting new people - experience different cultures;

  •  Make life a daily adventure and live it to the full;

  •  Try new things - jobs you’ve always wanted to have a go at - for a short break or longer term;

  •  Enjoy recreation as an action job;

  •  Travel the world and get paid for it;

  •  Learn an interesting craft/skill that brings real rewards and opens new horizons and opportunities for you;

  •  While earning money, making great friends and becoming a millionaire in experiences.

Work Adventures can vary from:

  •  The excitement of working on a cruise liner, to building trails in the Rocky Mountains;

  •  The great camaraderie of Canadian tree planting camps where you’ll fight mosquitoes, heat, and steep mountain slopes to earn great money (see story below), to a laid back summer manning a Forest Service cabin in Hawaii as an assistant ranger;

  •  Evening around campfire for members at Moose Valley.The thrill of being part of a crew tagging sharks in the Bahamas or collecting coral samples off Fiji, to action jobs such as crewing whitewater rafting expeditions or scuba dives off the Great Barrier Reef;

  •  One job - one county, to work/travel trips through Europe - all the way up to Working Your Way Around the World.

Our members have been able to enjoy a vast array or working experiences overseas in all manner of different jobs under a wide variety of circumstances from working holidays of just a few weeks to living permanently overseas - and many members have decided to put down their roots to live a more exciting lifestyle overseas. The following pages will give you some examples of what you could be doing and where you could be living. Here are a few examples of the overseas opportunities taken by members:

Working at a watersports center.Agriculture, forestry, farm, ranch (working, guest & horse), teaching (incl. EFL), shop (every type), office, agency, hotel, resort, bar, restaurant, catering, sports, recreation, activity instructors, performers, entertainers, DJs, musicians, couriers, reps, conservation, wildlife, guides, rangers, wardens, caretakers, engineering, mining, factory, driving (all sorts), labouring, building and construction, plant operators, maintenance, mechanics, stores, security, computer technicians, accounts, administration, marketing/sales, nursing, medical, health/fitness/beauty, casino, film/photography, nannies, au-pair, mother's help, domestic and childcare, offshore crew, cruise hostesses, sailing, ship/yacht crew, lifeguards, attendants, etc. The list and choice is almost endless, and there are many other opportunities that don't fit into any particular category, so the above is a partial and general list only.

"Having spent the last few days ploughing through the mountains of mind blowing, enlightening and useful information that you sent, I want to thank you, and I look forward to starting my trip." …  Adrian Harrison

BBC Radio - "What’s the most common question you’re asked?"

"How to travel the world, enjoy life, and earn money at the same time."  Work4travel - Frontier Club!

Sunrise over the pyramids."... A month after joining the Club I was on a plane heading for Egypt with 23 others; Australians, English, New Zealanders and Americans ... It was about 3.00 am when we left the airport and drove towards the Pyramids watching the sun rise over them ..."  Jane

"I first received information from you a couple of years back when I and a friend were planning a trip around America. Thanks to you, we were able to quit our jobs and head off - a pair of 'frightened' teenagers on a 7-month tour of the USA. We had a wonderful time mixing a little working with a lot of sightseeing. Now, I’m ready to travel again and this time I would like to go to Australia..."  Gail

"Home after my year and a half teaching English in Tokyo (EFL). It was a unique and marvellous experience, but a strange one - to be able to go to this fascinating country, and without any formal or special teaching qualifications, become an English teacher, earn a remarkably high salary, enjoy respect and social privilege, and in the case of the male foreigner, the blind adoration of local women! On my salary I could live well, have a full social life, enjoy good food, while saving for the future." …  Emma


Treeplanting in the Cariboo."Out of all the jobs I was considering, tree planting wasn't even on the list, yet, after discussing it with other members who had already done it I spent a whole season planting tree after tree and found it a great way to earn lots of money while experiencing a new way of life with some fantastic people (I'm still travelling with some and enjoying life to the full).

"The planting camp I was on was quite large with 43 planters. I joined in the town of Prince George, British Columbia, after travelling there with another member. There were lots of opportunities, and the planting companies were anxious to recruit, even advancing us nights at motels - so the money we saved on initial accommodation went to the local tavern!

"The company took us by bus to the camp high in the Cariboo Mountains, a site a chose because of the spectacular scenery and wildlife - one thing I'll always remember is the fantastic carpet of wildflowers I woke up to every morning. I started with spring planting and then went on to do some summer or 'hot' planting. We worked about 10-hours a day for 6-day shifts (some were longer up to 14-days), being paid around 30-40 cents a tree depending on the type of ground being planted. Some planters with lots of experience could manage to earn about $400 a day, but I could seldom get past $200 a day. This still enabled me to save about $1,000 for a 6-day week, as there was nothing to spend it on and camp 'costs' were only $20 a day including the most fabulous meals - we had a wonderful Chinese cook.

Sunrise from our treeplanting camp."The camp consisted of large tents as canteen, cookhouse, etc and most planters had their own small pup tent to sleep in, though some couples had trailers. Morning started with a refreshing shower beneath a waterfall before a Canadian style breakfast of hotcakes, bacon, eggs, sausage, toast with as much to eat as you wanted (and some appetites were hard to believe). It was then off to the planting areas with bags full of young trees and a planting dibble.

"The heat at times was oppressive, and the work hard, but knowing how much I was earning seemed to make the day go quicker. At the end of the day there was a huge 'supper' and then guitar music around the campfire - it cools off quickly in the mountains. Camp life was fantastic and just has to be experienced. I left with over $10,000 towards my further travels and it would have been more except that after every 'shift' we hit town and the local tavern in 100-Mile House relieved us of some of it. That's another site to see, a tree planting crew hitting town after 2-weeks in the bush!"

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