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As a traveller for adventure you'll participate in all kinds of interesting and varied activities and enjoy all manner of unusual experiences. Working a little along the way makes it all possible.


Leaving for the Corn Islands in the Caribbean.Why work for someone else when you can be your own boss and have your own bar or nightclub overseas - your own off-road expedition company - your own surf/dive school - your own motorcycle/quad bike rental business ...?

Working for yourself can often enable you to enjoy the kind of lifestyle that you want to lead. It can certainly bring greater rewards and satisfaction from what you normally do on a daily basis.

While most of our members prefer to simply work at different jobs overseas, there is an increasing number interested in greater rewards working for themselves - either on a casual basis or starting/running a small business, seasonal or year-round.

Your own small tropical beach bar?There are many benefits to, and opportunities for self-employment, and by combining your own interests and pleasures into a small business you can spend your days doing more of what you enjoy while reaping the financial rewards, 100% tax free in some locations.

So, you could spend all your days, all year round if you want, on the beach, earning money from tourists and not paying a penny in tax!

As stated before, this Club is mostly for people who want to travel the world working here and there to supplement their travel funds. However, and from time to time, we do come across business opportunities and opportunities for self employment - to be your own boss - and to make money working for yourself, and we are happy to pass on these details and make whatever information we have freely available to you.

If you are interested in higher earnings from your own business, rather than just a job overseas, but don't want to go-it-alone, then why not consider teaming-up with one or two other members or joining one of our own exciting members' groups?

Central America (But one example): There is a lot of scope and tremendous opportunities for new business start-ups in Central America.

Group in tropics.Adventure holidays are growing tremendously in popularity as more and more people are looking for the ultimate in adventure travel and spectacular tropical surroundings - and many of these people not only have high spending powers but are ready and willing to spend what it takes to get what they want.

Wildlife viewing, bird watching, horse or quad bike trips into mountain ranges full of cascading rivers and virgin waterfalls, unspoiled nature and wilderness; these things that are sought by so many are now getting harder and harder to find. Few places these days are not spoiled in one way or another. Choose from Caribbean or Pacific.

Quad bike rental business.Thus there are plenty of opportunities available in the leisure industry that can not only be financially rewarding but also provide a great lifestyle to go with it - e.g. running your own small charter yacht. We're here to help in any way we can and can help you organise the money and finance. Grants may be available.

As we said, this is but one example in one location.

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